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The K Family Health Plan


K Family Welcomes you  !


         Health Care Benefits for All New ICC Members "To get Your FREE Health Benefits Package "Just fill in the form Below!

K Family Sign up!

Here is the Sign up procedure for your Free K Family Health Plan  with more than $26,000 a year in Benefits for you and your family.  Please follow it completely as it may be confusing the first time, later it will be like a cake walk.
you must first complete the membership below and become a Free member of the     Internet Catalogue Club...     Follow Instructions below! 
*P.S You my sign up every individual in your household for this Free Health Care Membership. But each member must have there own separate Email Address to Qualify for these Benefits!


You will be contacted be a representative with you pass code to enter the ICC site  if you are not contacted within next 24hrs please call 954-914-4129 and I will personally assist you!

Internet Catalogue Club Membership Application Instructions (ICC)
(Please print this out, read it, & understand the steps before you begin the process!)
*Note:  If you cannot access the site with the link above, go to  and click on the access to the "Navigators Treasure Chest" on the opening page.  Once that pages opens, scroll the bar at the left down until you see USPES Places 111  and click on that link. Wait until all the pages get in place and type the following name LEO-SAG ENTERPRISES INC.   in the search box in the upper left hand side of the current page and click on the left search box.  Once you have confirmation of the location (see above process), click on that link and you will be taken to the right page and then follow the rest of the steps below.
2. To begin the registration process, look to the right of the title with the name     LEO-SAG ENTERPRISES INC  and will see a box that states the number of membership units you wish to purchase.  Make sure that the number in the box coincides with the number of memberships you need, i.e.  "1". ONE

3. Click on + (shopping cart icon just once)   A box with "Leo-Sag Enterprises Inc USPES Places" ex Tax $25.00 will be added to your basket" should appear. please don't worry for this will be Free for all my members so please follow along Do not click on the icon more than once because you will add additional memberships to your shopping cart that you may not wish to purchase.

5. Click OK and a small bar will appear at the bottom of the screen with the wording "Total Inc.$25.00".  This is the amount of your purchase.

6. Click on Checkout Bar at the top center of the page, your purchase total of $25.00 will appear in the middle of your screen. remember this is a FREE Membership and will be shown this way in the next steps ok! This is the amount of your purchase, if it is different you must back all the way out to the home page and repeat the previous steps to make the changes you want.  When you repeat the process you will be asked if you would like to use the previous information, you can press the cancel button to start over with a clean slate.

7. Click on the link that says "I accept the terms and conditions", make sure you read and understand that information.  If you are satisfied, then click on the box next to the tab to accept those conditions.

8. Please choose a method of payment from the pulldown menu that best suits your situation!  You will have the options of using Pay Pal, NONE REQUIRED an Internet Check, Wire Transfer, or an ACH withdrawal from your account (a $25 bank draft).  Please make sure you choose NONE REQUIRED
9. Click "Next".

10. Complete the Customer Details application form completely, making sure you type 0001  in the ICC Membership Number in the blank as instructed. In the "Your Notice to us box"   Please type in the following message

" This is my Application for a Free Membership "

11. Print out the page for your records and click "Next".  You should see a copy of an invoice, print it also.

12.  You will automatically receive an email confirmation of the invoice of your ICC membership right back from the autoresponder from Navigators.  Keep this in your file for future reference and membership questions.  Within the next few hours you will receive an email from Navigators with your ICC number and Pin number.  Keep these in a safe place!
13.*Very Important!  When you receive your ICC membership number, please forward your ICC Number to me at: so that I may keep track of my organization and make sure you get Paid when its Time !

Thanks very much for becoming a member of this organization and I am sure that you will be very satisfied with the many opportunities available to all our  ICC members.
As always, I am not an authorized spokesperson for Texas Holdings, Inc.or Navigators International Management Co., Ltd. and the published protocols stated on the website always take precedence!
 Now follow these instructions below  to get your Health Care Benefits.


Health Care Benefit for All New ICC Members ,


Once you have an ICC# please sign up for your Free K Family Group Insurance see below for all the benefits for you and your Family !
By now you should all be familiar with protocol 7039, which discusses the K Family Group insurance payment plan, and have made your decision to join or decline the opportunity.  If you want join, you need to send a copy and paste the SUBJECT below and email this to:   To complete this form, you will need to submit your current ICC number you received above that you have just signed up for  to receive and qualify for this K Family Insurance.  When they begin the  K Family Program you will have an account with The K Family worth $26,000 which is available per year to you to pay for medical treatment also to be used with any existing insurances you my have, and you will have enough left over to pay co-pays, deductibles, ect, and can even use this for Veterinary costs if you have a Pet. 
*Please make sure that you send me a copy of your confirmation from The K Family Group upon receipt from them so I may make sure your on the List. please email me at:   Also, if you have already joined please make sure that you used my ICC number below as your sponsor or send KFG  a email requesting that ICC# 101000814  be listed as your sponsor.  Additionally, by using this account you qualify under protocol 7004 ,  "Uniform Advertising" and you will receive an additional $500 per week/year for your participation (an extra $26,000 per year), how about that ???
Darren J Aikens
Any Questions please call me at:
US +1  954-914-4129  Call

Subject:  Protocol 7039 K Family Group

Name:    "Your Name Here"
ICC#:     "Your ICC Number Here"
By this email, I am requesting a KFG "Uniform" for free medical insurance as stated in Protocol 7039, of "News You Can Use".  Please add my name to your list.
My sponsor is Darren Aikens, ICC # 101000814
Thanks for your assistance.
(Your ICC # here)





Darren J Aikens   

"Inveniam Viam Aut Faciam"
 (Find A Way Or Make One)


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